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Polysilicon ingot casting furnace

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Polysilicon ingot casting furnace

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The furnace can make sun level silicon ingot, can also be used to purify other semiconductor materials.


1. High control accuracy, adjust crystallization rate freely;

2. Induction melting method, increase mixing with high melting speed;

3. Directional solidification insulation adopts specially made heating power;

4. Has three current balance, maintenance cost much lower;

5. Using thermostatic degrees controlling instrument;

Main technical parameters

Melting capacity: 5-300KG

Power:  50-400KW

Heating rate:  40  / Min

Furnace temperature uniformity  ±5

Limited vacuum:  6.67×10-2Pa

Pressure increase rate:  0.01 PaL/S

Rated inflatable pressure:  0.05 Mpa

Solidification method: Drop unidirectional solidification

Servo control range: 0.01 mm - 6mm/Min

Directional solidification rate:  0.03 mm-0.5 mm/Min

Crucible rising rate:  80 to 100 mm/Min

Polysilicon ingot casting furnace

Polysilicon ingot casting furnace

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