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Carbon Nanotube Production Equipment Prospect

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Carbon Nanotube Production Equipment Prospect

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Along With the successful application of carbon nanotubes in touch screen material, the touch screen  have the advantages of flexible, anti-interference, waterproof, percussion ,scratch resistance and so on, it  can make the cambered surface of touch screen.

The carbon nanotubes has high potential to be applied to wearable device, wisdom, furniture and other products series in this technology fast development area.


Because of carbon Nanotubes  light weight and hollow structure, carbon nanotubes can be excellent storage containers for hydrogen.The hydrogen storage capacity of carbon tubes in China has reached 4%, now it is the world's leading level.The inside of the carbon nanotubes can be filled with metals, oxides and other substances, so that the nanotubes can be used as molds, as a result ,many excellent composites can be made by this properties of carbon nanotubes.For example, the plastic reinforced with carbon nanotubes has good mechanical properties, good electrical conductivity, corrosion resistance and radio wave shielding.Carbon nanotubes also provide the finest capillaries  for physicists to study the mechanism of capillarity, and provide the chemists with the finest test tubes for nanochemical reactions.

In future, the carbon nanotubes will be widly used in Construction, architecture, Marine engineering and other fields.It can also used in Lithium ion batteries to  extend the battery life and improve the charging and discharging performance of lithium ion batteries.Carbon nanotubes have special properties that could lead to even thinner televisions in the future.

At present, China leads the world in hydrogen storage and carbon nanotube production equipment In future,carbon nanotubes  application will be broader prospects in real life.If you have invest project, Carbon nano tube production line will be best choice for you.

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