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Medium frequency carbonization furnace

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Medium frequency carbonization furnace

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1. Application

It used to produce particles of tungsten carbide, titanium carbide, vanadium carbide powder, composite metal powder, sintering alloy and tungsten molybdenum product and so on.

Power 160KW, 200KW, 250KW

Frequency 4000Hz

Highest temperature 1600℃ 2400℃  

High volume Dia450*900mm

Work environment of furnace: hydrogen, nitrogen, argon, inert gas and so on.

Temperature uniformity ±12℃

Temperature measuring ranges 200-2200 ℃, 800-2400℃  

Temperature measurement: Infrared optical measurement

Temperature control precision ±1℃

Limit warming speed 400  / min


2. Advantages

2400℃ stainless steel high temperature water cooling furnace vessel.

1. It can meet the heating craft of tungsten carbide powder and composite material; also it can use for alloy materials sintering.

2. Automatic temperature monitoring system, monitoring equipment operation timely. The system can rise temperature according to the heating curves, and storage twenty groups and each group of 20 different heating curves, or manual control;

3.The equipment has intelligent control temperature system, automatic high precision temperature control temperature measurement process completed, the system can set according to temperature, heating curves are stored for twenty groups, each group of 20 different heating curves can be manual control;

4.It adopts pure water circulation system, digital flow monitoring system, high-performance medium frequency contactor, PLC automatic control system, CPU detect the flow of water automatically.

5.This carbide furnace of carbonization quality were obviously improved, compared with traditional carbonization furnace, the equipment will reaction completely, uniform particle size, high combined carbon content, low carbon. The equipment has better labor conditions, high output, long life and so on.

6. Less control buttons, multi- functions, simple operation, touch screen, man-machine interface system.

Medium frequency carbonization furnace

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