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Vacuum Hot Press Furnace

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Vacuum Hot Press Furnace

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Vacuum Hot Press Furnace


It is used for teaching, scientific research and production.

It is mainly used for nonmetal materials, carbon composite materials, ceramic materials and metal powder materials hot-press sintering experiments in vacuum or in protection atmosphere.

2. Main functions

2.1 Hot-press sintering in vacuum below 2200℃

2.2 Hot-press sintering in protected atmosphere situation below 2200℃

2.3 Precise control system(precisely control temperature, press, pressing rate)

2.3.1 Up and down pressing oil cylinder, oil cylinder pressing speed can be adjusted, the press can be adjusted by user’s requirement.

2.3.2 Temperature can be adjusted and be kept at one stable level.

Technical requirements

3.1 Working temperature: 1600℃~2200℃±10℃,Max temperature:2800℃   

3.2 Loading temperature rising time:≤10hours, 

Loading temperature cooling time: 20hours

3.3 Temperature uniformity: ≤±20℃(2200℃)

Vacuum Hot Press Furnace

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