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Main Customer-ShanDong LaiWu Iron&Steel Group

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Main Customer-ShanDong LaiWu Iron&Steel Group

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Main Customer-ShanDong LaiWu Iron&Steel Group


Cooperation Project: Inert Gas Protection Gas Atomization Equipment

SHANDONG LAIWU IRON&STEEL GROUP was founded in 1970 in Shandong province of China. It is a super large steel joint enterprise with total assets of10  billion USD, the steel production capacity will be over 10 million tons. LAIWU IRON&STEEL GROUP is the largest powder metallurgy production base with the highest added value in China.


LAIWU IRON&STEEL GROUP. together with Sweden's HOGANAS, Canada's Quebec Company ,Japan's JFE Iron &Steel Group. are listed as  four largest powder metallurgy manufacturers in the world, In 2017, LAIWU IRON&STEEL GROUP cooperated with our factory  built an inert gas atomizing production line. This production line is the main supporting equipment for


LAIWU IRON&STEEL GROUP annual output of 100,000 tons high-performance alloy powder project, which is a key construction project in SHANDONG province.

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